A Greenhouse Adventure

I was lucky enough to be gifted a greenhouse this past Christmas.  All winter I waited somewhat patiently to set her up and stock her full of goodies.   Unfortunately, this was not the adventure I hoped it would be.

From the get go, the OGrow greenhouse was missing a piece and had a damaged piece. 

No big deal. The company quickly replaced the broken and missing pieces, so I was sure I was on my way to great growing. I read many of the online reviews and a common problem seemed to be that the greenhouse was easily blown over. I kept that in mind while setting her up. She was easy to put together and in about an hour she was up and secured with garden staples and bags of stone. 

I was still getting the hang of how much water the plants needed while being in there and just growing in there in general. Excited for this learning experience, I started some seeds. 

What happened next was a complete bummer.  I arrived home eager to check on my seedlings and plants and found that the greenhouse collapsed! Most everything inside survived, but still how did this happen with only a light breeze? 

While I do believe that this is repairable, I think that the greenhouse is poorly designed and just too lightweight.  I took it apart and am now brainstorming on how to redesign it myself to add more weight.  

Little portable greenhouses are a great idea, and this is not meant to deter anyone from getting one.  As with every growing season, it’s a learning experience. Happy Planting!